Request Shed™ Connect

Virtual and Hybrid solution that gives visitors access to your brochures, videos and images. Display all of your marketing materials in one easy-to-use and fully responsive media hub.

Virtual Media Hub.

View. Capture. Send.

Remote & Touch-free access


Contact & touch free for a Covid19 responisble approach to exhibiting. A quick scan of your unique QR code will send visitors directly to your hub. And even if they couldn’t make it see you in-person, you can share your unique event code to your remote visitors.

Fully responsive design


Designed to look equally as slick on desktop, tablet and mobile. So no matter what device your visitor has, they can still have uninterrupted access to your media.

Exhibitions. Conferences. Retail. Showrooms.

For Hybrid Exhibitions & Events

Remote Engagement

Even if your visitors can’t make it to your event, or perhaps your event has been cancelled, you can still gather essential leads by sending the event to them.

QR Code Access

With a simple scan of your unique QR code, visitors can view your files from their mobile devices. No need for touch screens or tablets.

GDPR Compliant

All data and files are securely encrypted to comply with current GDPR regulations.
Contact forms can include ‘Opt-in’ preferences and also contain your privacy policy.

Multiple Media Formats

Don’t stop at just sharing your PDF’s. Request Shed™ Connect (& Kiosk) can also host your images and videos. We also support live YouTube/Vimeo streams.



Real-time data is sent to your online portal.

Download leads & analytics instantly.

Full customisation & branding for your business.

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