The sustainable way to handout brochures and literature

Your literature. But smarter.

The Mission


For many years now, the events industry has battled with the issue of waste and with our world changing in front of our eyes, it’s more important than ever to consider alternative solutions to help businesses operate sustainably and be environmentally friendly.

With hundreds of thousands of companies exhibiting their products and services around the UK, Europe and beyond all year long, an obscene amount of wasted marketing materials is discarded at the end of each event.

Our mission is simple. We want to reduce waste, improve consumer insights and create a greater ROI for exhibiting companies.

The Solution


Lead capture is a massive part of any companies exhibiting experience. For most, it’s the main reason they are there. Speak to customers, get leads and ultimately drive sales.

So, we created a suite of applications that will not only digitise their brochures and media, but also gathers valuable insights to products and services by capturing leads at the same time.

Guests can browse through hundreds of files and instantly add them to their basket ready to send directly to their inbox. Assets such as PDF’s, images and videos are made available at the touch of a button.

No more handouts. No more printing. No more lost leads.

Contactless handouts and lead capture all in one app



Real-time data sent to your online portal.

Download leads & analytics instantly.


GDPR Compliant


Avg. sales leads boost per event

Boxes of printing saved per event

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